ICT; Necessary Tool For Modern Teaching - Osun Education Commissioner

...Endorses IHS Nigeria Mission-T App for Teachers at the opening of two-day Teacher’s workshop for ICT teachers Osun Commissioner for Education, Hon. Folorunsho Oladoyin has reiterated the importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in modern teaching to impart knowledge to students. He also submitted that the exposure of students to tech gadgets at an early age will go a long way in helping them measure up to their counterparts from any part of the world, especially in today's globalised society. The Commissioner stated this today while declaring open a 2-day Teachers Workshop for ICT teachers in secondary schools on the Mission-T Initiative powered by IHS Nigeria in collaboration with the State Government of Osun. The workshop was held 30th – 31st, March 2022 at the Elerinmosa Institute of Technology, Erin-Osun, Osun State The Commissioner, who noted that the role of technology in teaching and learning is rapidly becoming one of the most discussed issues in contemporary education policy, said modern life is dominated by technology, hence the universal recognition of the need to use information and communication technology in education. In his words, "as we enter the era of globalisation where the free flow of information via satellite and the Internet hold sway in global information dissemination of knowledge, the State of Osun cannot be left behind; that is the reason for this training for our ICT teachers. "In the modern world, the need for ICT in teaching and learning and educational management cannot be overemphasised; ICT teachers of today should be familiar with coding, robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud storage and sharing solutions, presentation of the software, game and animation development and general multimedia. "Computer illiteracy is now regarded as the new illiteracy. We desire to equip our schools with computer facilities and qualified personnel to produce technologically proficient and efficient students who can face the new world". He stated. In an address, Cima Sholotan, Director, Sustainability and Corporate Communications, IHS Nigeria, appreciated the State Government of Osun through the ministry of Education for their cooperation in making the training a reality. She also commended the efforts and collaboration of the teachers involved in the training, stating that the world is gradually becoming a global village, and there is an urgent to stay abreast of some of the latest innovations currently shaping the education sector. In her words " significant area of focus for IHS is the upscaling of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. In 2018, we launched the first Nigeria Teaching STEM App as part of our commitment to improving lesson delivery in public and low fee-paying private schools" "Mission-T is an initiative dedicated to improving the integration of the STEM app into Nigeria’s education system, facilitating teacher’s skills upscaling, and promoting tech innovation,this we are convinced, will cause a shift in the perception, interest, and participation of Nigerian Students. Over 27,509 students, 2,500 teachers and 2,000 schools across 36 states and FCT have been provided with digital literacy training such as scratch, web design, robotics, digital electronics" she stated.