Kindly be informed that Proficiency (Oral) Interview for Applicants, who scored 35% and above in the last Teachers' Recruitment Examination will commence on Monday, 17th, May, 2021 at designated centres.
2.  The interview will be in two (02) stages;  while Graduate Applicants that scored 40% and above, will be attended to between Monday, 17th and , Thursday 3rd June, 2021, NCE Applicants, who scored between 35% and above, will be interviewed between Monday, 7th May and Thursday, 24th June, 2021.
3.  Candidates are required to bring to the interview the following credentials:
     i.  Degree certificate
     ii. NYSC certificate
     iii. PGDE certificate
     iv. NCE
     v.  TRCN certificate ( if available)
     vi.  Basic Education Certificate (JSS 3 certificate)
      vii. Local Govt of origin Attestation
      viii. Birth certificate or a Declaration of Age document
       ix. One National Identity Card ( Driver's license, voter's card, International Passport, etc).
4.  In furtherance of the above, candidates are enjoined to check their portals for allotted Time, Date and Centre.

Thank you.
C.K. Olaniyan (Mrs),
Coordinating Director